Why Should I Prefer Turkey For Dental Implants?

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Why Should I Prefer Turkey For Dental Implants?

Implant treatment service in Turkey is at a very high level. High quality and FDA approved branded materials and the best technologies used in Europe are used in your implant treatment. However, the cost of implant treatment is 30 percent of England, other European countries and the USA. The cost of crowns to be made on implants is also very low.

The most important advantage of having implant treatment in Turkey is when you decide to have your implant treatment, your treatment process starts immediately. Unlike Europe and the USA, you do not make an examination appointment and an operation appointment.

When you come to our clinic for treatment, your panoramic x-ray and intraoral photographs are taken and the most suitable implant planning is made for you, and if your bone structure is suitable, your implants are placed on the same day. At your second appointment, which takes place 3-6 months later, the gingiva is arranged and crowns are placed.

Turkey is a perfect holiday destination with its unique beaches, constantly shining sun and delicious Turkish cuisine. Although the quality standard of the hotels is very high, the cost of the hotel is quite low.

Finally, when compared to Mexico, the Turkish government meticulously inspects all healthcare services to our international patients. Your implant surgeries are performed by a maxillofacial surgeon.