Dental Treatments in Antalya

Global Diş Polikliniği Antalya

Dental Treatments in Antalya

Global Dental Center is one of the first centers that come to mind when Antalya dental center is mentioned.

If you are considering Dental Treatment in Turkey, you can get detailed information about treatment processes, advantages and treatment methods from our center.

Our expert and experienced dentists are happy to offer you quality dental care at the most affordable prices. Antalya-Turkey is one of the most popular dental holiday destinations in the world.

When you travel to Antalya, you can both have your dental treatment and get the taste of a unique holiday experience. Our patient manager will assist you with treatment alternatives, treatment costs, hotel options, and even flight ticket options.

It is quite safe to have dental treatment by specialist dentists in a good center in Turkey. To become a specialist dentist in Turkey, you must first complete a 5-year dentistry faculty. After completing the faculty, you have to take an exam called DUS organized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. The exam is a very difficult exam and very few people can pass the exam. After passing the exam, you need to take 4 more years of specialization training in the department you will specialize in. If you are successful in the exam at the end of your specialization training, you can become a specialist dentist. Therefore, if you are being treated by a specialist doctor in Turkey, you can be sure that the doctor is well-equipped.

However, dentistry activities in Turkey are inspected very seriously every 6 months by the provincial health directorates affiliated to the Ministry of Health. Apart from this, in order for a dental center in Turkey to be able to take care of foreign patients, it must obtain a health tourism authorization certificate from the Ministry of Health. In order to obtain this certificate, it is necessary to be sufficient in terms of both building structure and quality of the center and not to ignore the quality of the doctor. We, as Global Dental Center, have successfully passed all inspections with the quality dental services we provide and we have the international health care authority certificate.

While your dental treatment continues in Antalya, you should not forget to enjoy the constantly shining sun, beaches, shopping and new experiences. Our clinic is located in Antalya city center. You can reach the beaches, shopping center and the most beautiful restaurants in 10 minutes on foot from our center.

You can get detailed information from our patient manager about the holiday activities you want to do. Our patient manager will be happy to assist you in any matter.

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