What Is The Relationship Between Dentistry And The Golden Ratio?

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What Is The Relationship Between Dentistry And The Golden Ratio?

Beauty, according to Oxford dictionary; It is defined as the combination of qualities that are pleasing to both the senses and the logic of the human being. Among these qualities, those that appeal to the sense of sight; shape, color and form.

Although most views and definitions about beauty are philosophical, it has been a common idea that it generally gives pleasure to the eye and logic of the observer.

However, knowingly or unknowingly, pleasing proportional relationships can only be achieved by following certain rules. Therefore, the relationship between beauty and numerical values ​​is undeniable. Pythagoras was the first to evaluate aesthetic perception in a mathematical order. Pythagoras defined the concept of the ‘Golden Ratio‘, which relates nature and beauty with science and numbers, in the fifth century BC.

Golden ratio; It is a geometric and numerical ratio relation observed between parts of a whole in mathematics and art, which is thought to give the most perfect dimensions in terms of harmony.

In dentistry, the “Golden Ratio” is a mathematical theory about the proportions of a set of teeth. Proportion must be sought in a pleasant set of teeth. To achieve facial harmony, the entire anterior tooth composition must be treated as a whole painting. The patient should be evaluated as a whole and other elements of the facial structure should form the frame of this picture.